Christmas time or crazy time?!

This year feels like it has been a complete blur…and if you are anything like me (which I am sure you are not), then Christmas time just proves to me, time and time again, how hopelessly unorganised I am. Every year I have good intentions to start my shopping in October, but I fail miserably (New Years resolution perhaps?).

But this year is different, worse even.

I have a baby. I definitely have to Christmas shop!

Now I thought about how much (or little) I could buy her, as she has no idea that she has feet yet, let alone that it is Christmas (before you think I am a meanie, she gets lots of things all the time!). But you know, I felt guilty (surprise! More guilt!), plus there is some stuff I want for her. I also am terrible and I keep buying her stuff and then giving it to her as soon as we bought it (or in my case, most of the time anyway, arrived in the mail).

I am a chronic internet shopper. I just LOVE it. So I thought I would share with you some brilliant websites, for great gifts for Children (I should have done this earlier right, not a week out from Christmas?), but hopefully it will help you next year (I am looking at you – all of the women that I know who are pregnant right now…) whether it be for your own children, nieces and nephews or any child that you love.


Xander Lou Kids

I loooove this shop. I actually got one of Amaya’s Christmas presents from here. Their cushions are beyond cute (I have two of them in Amaya’s cot). Do yourself a favour and check it out! The blanket I got her is just thee cutest and matches one of her cushions! You will spend a lot of time in the nursery, so best you make it pretty, yeh?



Belles and Bruisers

Cutest clothes and accessories. Amaya’s big bow headbands are from here. Their website is under construction at the moment, so best to find them on Instagram.



Ghetto Kids

Their clothes are super funky and their t-shirts have the cutest slogans. I have bought many of Amaya’s shirts from here (including the ‘Watch me whip, watch me nay nay’ shirt).


Children of the Tribe

This shop is based in Byron Bay and the clothes are exactly what you would expect. Super cool and beachy. I honestly could spend forever on this website, I once filled my cart up with over $200 worth of stuff within ten minutes. Plus their wraps are such a good size! Both the wrap and her outfit are from Children of the Tribe.





Another page with super cute clothes for your babe! Their slogans are also hilarious (Amaya’s ‘Who run the world’ shirt is from here).



Oh my gosh we love Kippins! Amaya is lucky enough to have a River Kippin and a Coco Kippin. River is required for each sleep (she has had him longer and seems to like him more, for now). They are made with organic cotton and organic ink, they are suuuuper soft (I even want to cuddle River & Coco sometimes!) and have been tested many times to ensure that they are safe from birth. I looked into the benefits of having a comforter (I never thought that I would be encouraging my child to have a comforter), but I felt that the benefits of having a comforter are pretty good ones (for us anyway) and felt that a Kippins is something that we needed in our life. (see below for River & Coco cuddles).


The Birth Poster

All you need is the babies birth weight, length, date & time and these people will sketch up your babe (according to their length & weight), so you will always be able to remember just how small they were. It’s a great keepsake that I think anyone would appreciate, definitely a present that I don’t think you can go wrong with. Ours is on it’s way to us right now (eeeee!), it is easy to forget how small a 900g baby was. (I have a feeling that I will be in tears when I open this up and remember just how small she was).

Uhhh I could go on alllll night! But these are the ones I can think of for now. Next year I will try to do one a little earlier, with  new websites that I love, but for now, take note of these websites! I love them all! Plus you don’t have to battle the crowds if you shop online!

Happy shopping! Xx

P.S. If you aren’t on Instagram, get on Instagram! You can follow me @breeanashaebailey and I tag the stores in my photos, these will lead you to pages that will lead you other pages and before you know it…you will be lost in the amazing world that is Instagram!


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