I am a first time Mum from Brisbane, Australia. I am half-way through a teaching degree and have been an Early Childhood Educator for the past 13 years. Mid-degree I decided that I wanted to stop taking the pill. I wasn’t getting any younger, I adore the man I am with and I wanted to give the universe a chance, a chance to give me a baby of my own, after spending my life caring for other people’s. I went off the pill, got a period and then never had a period again ( well, until after having Amaya). The universe was waiting for an opportunity and grabbed it with both hands – first month, we were pregnant!  The positive pregnancy test left me in tears – I was scared, overwhelmed and in shock. For some reason, probably because I wanted to be a Mum so bad, I always thought I would have difficulty falling pregnant, or not be able to at all. For us, falling pregnant was the easy part…we had no idea about what challenges the pregnancy would bring. With an early diagnosis of gestational diabetes, which was luckily, easily managed, we thought that would be our only bump in the road. Our scans were all good, baby was healthy and at 20 weeks we learnt that we were expecting a little girl. At 21 weeks pregnant my BP had gone up a little, at 23 weeks it was even higher and at 25 weeks I was diagnosed with preeclampsia. At 24 weeks an Obstetrician gave me an insight into what my world might be like if I were to have a baby at 24 weeks – “Do you know what it means to have a 24 weeker? Your baby will probably end up in a special school – like – a SPECIAL school”. I was devastated, to say the least. I was determined to make it to at least 28 weeks, so until I was 29 weeks and four days, I spent my time in and out of hospital and practicing meditation on a daily basis, anything to try to bring that BP back down. The same obstetrician who told me what it would mean to have a 24 weeker, told me only 5 weeks later “you might want to call in your troops – we are going to meet your baby tonight” – those words still send a shiver down my spine. The next day, I was put under general anaesthetic and slept through the delivery of my baby while my partner waited in the hallway. They only allow the partners to stay in there as a moral support and seen as I was out cold, he was not able to support me. We had just become parents, to a preemie baby. Our NICU journey was smooth, thankfully! But the things I experienced and witnessed, plus always fearing that our journey might turn sour at any given moment, will always bring a tear to my eye.

This blog is a place for every woman – Mother or not. Here you can read about our journey and my everyday thoughts and experiences, some positive and some negative. I try to be as honest and raw as possible. I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave me a comment ❤


Big love,

Bree Xo

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  1. Hi there, i saw you went to a wedding at Spring Gully Stays last year. Just wondering if you had any more photos or if you could put me in touch with the couple that got married there? Im getting married there in November and looking doe inspiration 🙂


    1. Hi lovely! It was my cousins wedding & it was such a beautiful setting! Spring Gully Stays is so beautifully peaceful! I can email you some photos from the wedding if you want & you can ask me any questions you want!

      B Xx


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