Ladies, listen up!

WATCH this and remember to always take care of you! (Click on the link below)

You are enough, in this moment and in every moment.

I often forget this. I have had a hard time lately balancing my role as Amaya’s Mother and Teina’s girlfriend. I forgot about me too. Actually, lately I have just had a hard time. I am still finding my feet as a mother and I am not entirely sure that I am doing such a good job at times, but Amaya is happy and that tells me all that I need to know.

We, the women, are the link that holds it all together, our feelings and thoughts have the power to change the dynamics of the whole family. We are important and we need to treat ourselves so.

When I struggle, I turn to Teal (a good friend got me on to Teal). It is a great way to find some balance and to help you understand things a little better. Here are the links to some of my favourite Teal Swan YouTube videos.

How do I discover self worth?

Self Love

If you follow these links you will come across other videos that might suit you better :)))

I hope you find balance, I am watching Teal tonight in hope to find mine ❤

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