You know you’re a Mum when…

Prior to having Amaya, I loved hearing birth stories but they never really meant that much to me. Like I could hear someone’s birth story and think that is was amazing and then continue on with my day. You know, a bit like once you have traveled you are all of a sudden so much interested in everyone’s adventures…


Now is a very different story. I not only LOVE hearing birth stories, but they almost always make me cry. The moment that your baby comes into the world is so precious. It can be the most amazing, liberating, yet terrifying experience of your life. I unfortunately missed out on the moment Amaya entered the world, as I was under general anaesthetic. For a while I felt robbed of a lot of things, especially that moment, but then I realised that in the big picture, it did not really matter. I have my baby girl to cuddle and in this moment, that is all that matters.

When I hear a birth story of a preemie tho. I sympathise with the parents almost instantly, as I remember that journey all too well. Even talking about it makes me shaky and brings a tear to my eye. You see, God blessed me with this really cool thing where I feel things probably ten times stronger than most people…and not just for me – but for everyone. I can dwell on someone’s heartbreaking story all day. I like to call it ’emotionally intelligent’ – not ‘super sensitive’ or ‘sooky’. I am ok with being like this, it helps me connect to others easily and it certainly helps when working with children. It also means that I  practice compassion daily and naturally.

Becoming a Mumma, no matter how you became a Mumma or how your babe entered the world – is an extremely overwhelming experience. The love teamed with the responsibility is enough to send you into a frenzy. But add worry to that and wanting to cuddle your baby so much more than most Mumma’s, because you had to wait so long for your first cuddle (and being able to actually physically see your babe in front of you and being able to touch them is the biggest tease ever).

Regardless of whether you had a preemie or a full term baby – we are ALL Mother’s. We all know the struggles that we face every day, as well as the beautiful moments and the moments that make motherhood just truly magical. You know you’re a Mother when birth stories bring a smile and a tear to your eye, because it automatically reminds you of the magical moment you met your little babe for the first time.


B Xo


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