Hmm…blogging. I started blogging when I was pregnant, you know, to document the journey that I was sure was going to be an easy one, or at least a ‘normal’ one. When I had complications throughout my pregnancy, preeclampsia causing an early delivery at 29 weeks and 4 days, that blog became a place where I could let my emotions out. I was angry, I was scared…petrified actually and I cried all the time. So I decided to keep that one private, for me to read if I want to reflect or just take a trip down memory lane to help me remember how blessed I am.

So here I am, a mother. A mother of a 5 month old but 10 weeks corrected, baby. I was not sure what I thought motherhood was, but I know that I was petrified of the lack of sleep. I simply cannot deal with little to no sleep. When Amaya came home it was a little rocky but we quickly established our own routine of two feeds a night then straight back to sleep. Now I am pleased to say that we have no feeds throughout the night and Amaya sleeps for at least 10 hours a night. Thank god. I pity anyone who would have to deal with a sleep deprived, emotionally unstable me. Motherhood, so far, has had its challenges but a million lessons. I am happy and my heart is full. Ask me how I feel when we begin teething though…

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